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Barker wills near Rotherham, Yorkshire

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Barker wills within about 10 miles of Rotherham, Yorkshire
Prerogative & Exchequer Court of York
Index from index, 1688-1858
August to October 2012
By Greg Ramstedt

[I am doing an area search around Rotherham to see if there is any trace of the family from which Thomas Barker (ca. 1760—1802), plumber and glazier of Rotherham may have come.  I am also hoping to find the family that Isaac Barker (      --1809), butcher, of Rotherham originated.  I don’t know if Thomas and Isaac could be brothers, but they were joint assessors with the Land Tax Assessments about 1800.  Generally, I am trying to find the wills of all those Barkers who lived within ten miles of Rotherham.  There are a few additional locations a bit further afield that will also be looked at.—Greg Ramstedt, 15 Aug 2012]

[On Friday, 26 October 2012 I finally found my Barker origins after 40 years of searching.  I’ll write about it later. –GJR]

BARKER, AARON of SHEFFIELD, YORKSHIRE 1825, FEB Exchequer Will vol.171, f. (FHL film 99791)
[Can’t find.  I searched all names in January and February and part of March.  The film 99791 goes from January to June 1825.  I checked the original index on GS film 99450 and found him.  The reference given is “A. 200” so I assume this is actually an administration, if that is what the A. stands for.]  [The original index says that it is an A. 200 in Feb. 1825.]

BARKER, ALEXANDER of SHEFFIELD, YORKSHIRE 1849, JAN Prerogative Will vol.220, f.155 (FHL film 99842/3)
                *Alexander Barker of Bent’s Green, township of Ecclesall Bierlow, in parish of Sheffield, yeoman.
                *3 freehold closes at Dore in Dronfield, Derby.
                *my daughter Frances, the wife of John Makinson the yuounger of Bents Green
                *grandson Alexander, the son of his daughter Frances; this grandson Alexander has sisters
                *my daughter Sarah, the wife of Ebenezer Fyz(sp?—The first letter is an F, but it is in a  dark area of the film)
                *my daughter Elizabeth
                *written 19 March 1847; proved 17 Jan. 1749

BARKER, ALEXANDER of SHEFFIELD, YORKSHIRE 1797, JUL Exchequer Admon vol.141, f.  (FHL film 99758)
                This is an administration and I don’t see any administrations or Alexander Barker on this film.

BARKER, ANN of AUGHTON, YORKSHIRE 1749, MAR Exchequer Will vol.92, f.132 (FHL film 99713)
                [Aston cum Aughton, Yorks. is near Rotherham.]
                *Ann Barker is a widow.
                *her son Thomas Barker
                *her daughter Mary Long
                *her son-in-law John Long
                *written 14 Apr 1748; proved 25 March 1749

BARKER, ANNE of SHEFFIELD, YORKSHIRE 1821, AUG Exchequer Will vol.166, f.442 (FHL film 99785)
                *proved 10 Aug. 1821; written 7 March 1819
                *Anne Barker is a widow of Sheffield
                *my niece Mrs. Middleton of Sheffield
                *My friend Mrs. Brownell of Newfield House near Sheffield
                *my niece Mrs. Stanley of Tuisley, York
                *my niece Mrs. Sterndale of Sheffield
                *my friend Mrs. Wilkinson of Sheffield
                *my son Thomas Barker
                *executor is Peter Brownell of Newfield House, Esquire
                *Codicil dated 11 July 1821 of Ann Barker of Norfolk Street, Sheffield
                                *mentions the ladies above and also now Mrs. Wade and Mrs. Brittain, Miss Hellen Britain
                                *my servant Ann Stephenson
                                *Miss Sterndale, Mrs. Wilson of Worksop, Miss Greaves, Miss Ann Greaves

BARKER, ANTHONY of BAWTRY, YORKSHIRE 1804, JUL Prerogative Will vol.148, f.285 (FHL film 99765)
                [Bawtry in Tinsley is next to Rotherham.]
                *Anthony Barker is listed as ‘Esquire.’  This is a good sized will.
                *will written 24 Dec 1803
*refers to an indenture of lease related to a marriage settlement between his eldest son Samuel Barker and Elizabeth Toller. 
                *Edward Brown of Stamford, Lincoln Esquire
                *Joseph Marris of Bawtry Streethouses in parish of Harworth, Notts. Gent.
                *my son John Barker
                *property in settlement is Bell Inn, in Barnby Moor, in parish of Blyth,, Notts.
*my dear wife Mary Barker
*my son-in-law Mr. Robert Duckle
*my daughter Ann, wife of Mr. Robinson
*property at Welham in Clarbrough in Notts.
*my grandson Charles Turner
*my nephew William Baker
*to John Allen, my wife’s brother
*Mrs. Joseph Blythman of Bawtry
*mentions Mrs. Katherine Cheslyn and her will dated 24 April 1778 concerning property at Lambley, Notts., and Claxton otherwise Long Clawson, Leicester.
*John Barker and Thomas Barker are made joint executors

BARKER, CATHERINE of SHEFFIELD, YORKSHIRE 1824, JAN Exchequer Will vol.169, f.28 (FHL film 99789)
                *will proved 24 Jan. 1824 and written 27 April 1819
                *Catherine is a widow.
                *my friends Ephraim Billam of Eckington, Derby, nail manufacturer & Thomas Harrison of Sheffield, cutler.
                *my two children, Mary, wife of Thomas Harrison, and Joseph Barker

BARKER, EDWARD of SHEFFIELD, YORKSHIRE 1833, MAR Prerogative Will vol.187, f.137 (FHL film 99807)
                *will proved 13 March 1833
                *my wife Hannah Barker
                *my brother James Barker
                *dated 21 July 1832 in presence of Thomas Rawson Barker
                *Affidavit dated 7 March 1833
                                *James Barker of Sheffield, white lead manufacturer
                                *Thomas Rawson Barker of the same, merchants clerk.  Thomas’s father is John Barker.

BARKER, ELIZ of SNAITH, YORKSHIRE 1752, SEP Prerogative Admon vol.95, f.196 (FHL film 99714)
                (This is an administration according to the index, but it actually is a will.)
                *written 17 Aug 1749; proved Sept 1752
                *my niece Mary Hardwick
                *my nephew William Hardwick
                *to the poor of Drax
                *my brother Philip Barker
                *my niece Ann __________ (4 letters, but I can’t read them)
                *my brother and sister William Hardwick and his wife Mary Hardwick

BARKER, ELIZABETH of ROTHERHAM, YORKSHIRE 1815, JAN Exchequer Will vol.159, f.91 (FHL film 99777)
[This is my ancestor, the mother of Samuel Barker (1791-1832) of Rotherham, Yorkshire, and South Lambeth, Surrey, Iron Merchant.  Her husband is Thomas Barker who died in 1802 and left a will.  See below.]
*written 4 Jan 1810; proved 7 Jan 1815
*executors for her children: James Pears of Rotherham, currier; Thomas Law of the same, draper.
*She desire that her son John Barker, who is not yet 21 in 1810, “carry on the trade or Business of a Plumber and Glazier which I now carry on.”
*She gives to her “son Samuel Barker my Silver Pint, one Silver Table Spoon and three Silver Tea spoons.”
*To her “Daughter Jane Barker, one of my best Beds Bedstocks, Bedding and furniture thereto belonging, a Pair of mahogany Drawers, Seven Mahogany Chairs, and Carpet in the Dining Room, my best sett of China, one silver Table Spoon and six Silver Tea Spoons.”
*To “my son William Barker, one Silver table spoon and three Silver Tea Spoons.”
*Her trustees are to “receive the Interest of the sum of five Hundred pounds which I have owing me upon Security of the Leeds and Liverpool Canal” and use the money to educate all of her children until they are age 21.
*When Samuel shall reach age 21, he is to be given £140 of the £500.
*The interest of the residue of the said £500 is to pay for the maintenance and education of her children Jane and William Barker until they are 21.  
*When Jane is 21, she is to receive £160 of the residue of the £500. 
*Then when William is 21, he is to get whatever remains of the residue of the £500.

BARKER, ELIZABETH MARTIN of SHEFFIELD, YORKSHIRE 1837, JUN Prerogative Admon vol.195, f. (FHL film 99815)
                (This is an administration, and these are not on this microfilm.)

BARKER, ELIZTH of WHITWELL, YORKSHIRE 1800, NOV Prerogative Will vol.144, f.382 (FHL film 99761)
                (This print of this will is very faded and hard to read.)
                *Elizabeth Barker of Whitwell, near Malton, Yorks., widow
                *proved Nov. 1800; written 22 June 1800.
                *property in Tollerton, Yorks., to Benjamin Lumley of Stockton, Durham, Esq.
                *to Benjamin Taylor of Whitwell, Gent.
                *to John Taylor of Stockton, Gent.
                *to James Taylor of London, grocer
                *to Sarah Fearby, wife of John Fearby of Poppleton Lodge, York. Farmer
                *to John Barker of Frayton in parish of Ho?ringham, farmer
                *to my daughter Ann Taylor of Whitwel
                *Benjamin Lumley has a son Benjamin Lumley
                *Codicil dated 16 Aug. 1800
                                *revokes portion to John Barker of Frayton in parish of Hovingham, farmer.

BARKER, ELLEN of DONCASTER, YORKSHIRE 1741, JUL Exchequer Admon, Will vol.87, f.432 (FHL film 99708)
                *written 14 Dec 1734; proved 18 July 1741
                *widow of Doncaster, Yorks.
                *property in French Gate, Doncaster
                *my son William Wainman, ececutor
                *my grandchildren Elizabeth Herring, Elizabeth Barker, Sarah Barker, Mary Wainman
                *my son John Wainman

BARKER, ESTHER of SHEFFIELD, YORKSHIRE 1784, JUN Exchequer Will vol.128, f.206 (FHL film 99745)
                [Esther is the widow of Samuel Barker, cutler, of Sheffield whose will is proved in 1781.]
                *written 8 Jun 1784
                *Dwelling houses at Hexley in parish of Sheffield
                *closes of land in occupation of John Bingham, Mrs. Allott and Thomas Hallam
                *executors are Anthony Hufton and Josephus Parkin
                *kinfolk: John Ellison, Hannah Epworth, Mary Dakin, Sarah Haley, Samuel Ellison and Mary Creswick

BARKER, FRANCES of BAKEWELL, YORKSHIRE 1813, SEP Prerogative Will vol.157, f.440 (FHL film 99774)
                *written 11 Apr 1812; proved 13 Sept 1813
                *wife of George Barker, heretofore of Bakewell, Derbyshire, but now of Darley Hall, Derbyshire, Esquire
*By Bridget Kirkby’s will dated 4 Jan 1790 who provided for her niece Frances the wife of George Barker of Bakewell, Derby, Esq. …
*to her [Bridget’s] nephew Rev. John Kirby, Rector of Gotham, Notts. & Rev. George Bossley, Vicar of Chesterfield, Derby.
*Bridget died soon thereafter and Sarah Kirby is also dead.
                *her (Frances’s) son William Barker, not yet 21
                *her daughter Harriet Barker

BARKER, FRANCES of SHEFFIELD, YORKSHIRE 1846, SEP Prerogative Will vol.214, f.494 (FHL film 99834)
                *proved 16 Sept. 1846; written 29 July 1845
                *Frances Barker, spinster, late of Great Longstone, Derby, but now of Spital Hill, Sheffield
                *my sister Sarah Marks
                *my brother Alexander Barker
                *my freehold called Knotlow in Moneyash, Derbyshire.
                *my sister Harriot Green; mentions Joseph Green
                *my sister Eleanor Hutchinson
                *my niece Sarah Maria Green
                *my cousin John Barker of Burre House near Bakewell, Derby, Esq.

BARKER, FRANCES of DARLEY HALL, DERBYSHIRE 1813, SEP Prerogative Will vol.157, f.    (FHL film 99774)
                [This is the same person listed above as Barker, Frances of Bakewell, 1813, Sept.]            

BARKER, GEORGE of SHEFFIELD, YORKSHIRE 1834, APR Exchequer Will vol.189, f.225 (FHL film 99809)
(The reference takes you to the will of William Barker of Stokesley, Yorkshire, flax dresser.  There is no will of a George Barker in the pages around this.  The will was written 29 Nov. 1834.  William’s wife is Lydia.  William has a relative John Barker of Easley Firs.  William’s brother is John Barker of Norton, Durham.)

BARKER, GEORGE of SNAITH, YORKSHIRE 1820, APR Prerogative Will vol.164, f.410 (FHL film 99783)
                *proved 3 April 1820; written 10 April 1814
                *of Hensall in parish of Snaith
                *my youngest son Robert Barker gets land in Hensall
                *my eldest son George Barker
                *second son Nicholas Barker
                *my eldest daughter Christiana Barker
                *my youngest daughter Grace Barker

BARKER, GEORGE of HANDSWORTH, YORKSHIRE 1825, AUG Prerogative Will vol.172, f.48 (FHL film 99792)
                *proved 6 Aug 1825; written 28 Nov 1812
                *of Gleadless in township of Handsworth, Yorks.
                *wife is Mary
                *John Barker Jr. of Richmond in parish of Handsworth, butcher & Joseph Gooddine of Sheffield Park, butcher
                *Codicil dated 28 Jan 1814
                                *smithy tools given to George
                                *my daughter Mary
                                *appoints Benjamin Barker of Birby

BARKER, GEORGE of WORKSOP, NOTTINGHAMSHIRE 1746, OCT Exchequer Admon vol.91, f. (FHL film 99712)
                (This is an administration.  I looked at the microfilm and I don’t see admons included.)

BARKER, GRACE of SHEFFIELD, YORKSHIRE 1816, MAR Exchequer Will vol.160, f.126 (FHL film 99779)
                *proved 25 March 1816; written 17 May 1800
                *Grace is of Park Head in parish of Sheffield
                *my eldest son John Barker
                *my son Alexander Barker
                *my daughter Sarah, wife of Samuel Dungworth
                *my son Joseph Barker, who is the executor

BARKER, HANNAH of NORTON, YORKSHIRE 1849, JAN Prerogative Will vol.220, f.175 (FHL film 99843)
                *proved 29 Jan 1849; written 4 Nov 1844
                *Hannah is a widow of Whitwall House in the parish of Norton, Yorkshire
                *Charles Robinson of City of York, druggist & John Exley of New Malton, York, Doctor of Medicine, executors
                *my granddaughters Mary Ann Farrer and Elizabeth Scott
                *my grandson John Scott
                *Codicil dated 8 May 1846

BARKER, HARRIET of DARFIELD, YORKSHIRE 1856, APR Exchequer Will vol.240A, f.33r (FHL film 99871)
                *proved 16 Apr 1856; written 26 Mar 1849
                *Harriet, widow, late of Etherthorpe but now of Darfield Bridge, both in Darfield, Yorks.
                *my son Samuel Barker, executor
                *daughter Elizabeth Barker
                *daughter Mary Ann Ma???in (could be Madsen)
                *her copyhold estate near Temple Hirst, near Selby, Yorkshire.

BARKER, HENRY of CARLETON, YORKSHIRE 10 Dec 1698 Exchequer (Rydall) Will 62/137 (FHL film 99647)
                *written 29 Aug 1698
                *John Barker of Carleton my nephew
                *to James Barker my brother gets my land in Cestegain called Kilnegarth which is occupied by Nicholas Clay.
                *to Oswould Barker my nephew
                *to Alice Barker my niece
                *to Anne Barker my niece
                *to Ellin Gulby
                *to Jane Sulby
                *to James Barker’s children: John, James, Elizabeth, Em Barker
                *to John Barker of Carleton, my nephew
                *James Barker of Afterside (not sure of first letter), my brother.

BARKER, JAMES of YORKSHIRE 1750, APR Exchequer Will vol.94, f.  (FHL film 99714)
[The index refers to James Barker the son of John Barker the elder of Nawton in Kirkdale parish.  Indeed, this James is referred to in his father’s will which is on folio 24.  The index GS number is 99447.]

BARKER, JANE of BAKEWELL, DERBYSHIRE 1849, APR Prerogative Will vol.220, f.758 (FHL film 99843)
                *written 13 Feb 1844; proved 2 Apr 1849
                *nephews: Thomas Alfred Barker MD, Francis Barker of Bakewell Esq.
                *my sister Sarah Barker
                *nephews John Henry Barker, Charles Barker and Thomas Rawson Barker
                *my cousin Miss Henrietta Elizabeth Barker
                *my goddaughter Miss Ann Toplis Swettenham
                *my great niece Helen Barker
                *my great nephew John Edward Barker
                *to Mrs. Edward Barker, widow of my late nephew Mr. Edward Barker, deceased
*three nieces Elizabeth, Ann, and Emma Jane Barker, the three unmarried daughters of my late brother John Barker
*to Richard Rose of Ailsbury, Bucks., Gent.
*to my niece Frances Rose, wife of Richard Rose
*witness: J. Barker, Sol. of Burre House Bakewell
*codicil dated 13 June 1845

BARKER, JESSE of CONISBROUGH, YORKSHIRE 1837, SEP Exchequer Will vol.196, f.231 (FHL film 99816)
                *written 14 Oct 1828; proved 7 Sept 1837
                *property in Mexborough, Yorks.
                *daughters Hannah & Elizabeth Barker
                *two sons David and Samuel Barker
                *my brother Peter Barker
                *my son Samuel Barker has married one of the daughters of my brother Peter Barker
*my friends John Bakewell of Sheffield, printer and stationer & George Sanderson of Doncaster, yeoman, executors
*Codicil dated 11 May 1833
                *my son David died 19 March 1831
                *my daughter Hannah, wife of David Cowan
                *new executors James Dixon of Sheffield, merchant & Rev. Thomas Allen of same place
*my four grandchildren Jesse Davidson Barker, Jane Barker, Henry Martin Barker and David Cowan Barker, children of David Barker
*my wife Ann Barker

BARKER, JOHN of EDLINGTON, YORKSHIRE 1856, FEB Exchequer Will vol.239A or B, f.127r (FHL film 99870)
                *written 7 Feb 1855; proved 26 Feb 1856
                *farmer of Cockill, Edlington, Yorks.
                *wife is Mary Barker
                *sons John Barker and Henry Barker and David Wilson Barker
                *Sarah wife of Thomas Bingham
                *my daughter Mary wife of Henry Chester

BARKER, JOHN of SHEFFIELD, YORKSHIRE 1856, JUL Prerogative Will vol.241, f.5v (FHL film 99872)
                *written 28 Apr 1856; proved 12 July 1856
                *wine and spirit merchant
                *my dear wife Louisa Elizabeth Barker

BARKER, JOHN of BAKEWELL, DERBYSHIRE 1842, APR Exchequer Will vol.205, f.206 (FHL film 99825)
                *written 4 Nov 1840; proved 9 Apr 1842
                *lead merchant
                *my sons James Barker and Thomas Rawson Barker
                *my dear wife Sarah Barker
                *my four daughters Elizabeth, Ann, Frances Rose, and Emma Jane Barker
                *requests Duke of Rutland to admit my son James Barker to Rutland’s Smelting Works in Alport.

BARKER, JOHN of HANDSWORTH, YORKSHIRE 1837, SEP Prerogative Will vol.196, f.168 (FHL film 99816)
                *written 4 Apr 1814; proved 4 Sept 1837
                *butcher of Richmond in parish of Handsworthy
                *my brother-in-law Henry Genn of Tinsley, Yorks., butcher
                *my sons John Barker and James Barker
                *my dear wife Elizabeth
                *my children Joseph, Henry, Thomas Samuel, and Elizabeth
                *additional children are John, James, Mary wife of John Vickers
*Affidavit dated 13 Aug 1837 by David Toyne of Crooke Moor in Sheffield butcher & David Deakin of Attercliffe in Sheffield, butcher, and Charles Marsden who swore additional testimony.

BARKER, JOHN of SHEFFIELD, YORKSHIRE 1809, DEC Exchequer Curation vol.153, f. (FHL film 99770)
[The index at the beginning lists a John Barker of Fullwood in Sheffield.  There are two images of this index page, the first much lighter than the second.  Unfortunately, the page or folio number is not readable on either one of them.  A couple December 1809 areas are scattered throughout the microfilm.  I looked in each other them and did not find John of Fullwood.  In those December sections I went name by name.  I looked up curation.  Probate courts issued tuition and curation bonds that were filed with wills and administrations.  A guardian of a minor child posted these bonds.  Younger children would require the tuition bonds, and older children the curation bonds.  From I see that testators might require a bond guarantee from the person they are appointing to education their children.  Curations were for children above age 14.  Tutors took out tuition bonds and curators took out curation bonds.  Together these are called Guardianship Bonds.  See also]

BARKER, JOHN of SNAITH, YORKSHIRE 1802, DEC Prerogative Will vol.146, f.371 (FHL film 99763)
                *written 24 Sep 1802; proved Dec 1802
                *of Rawcliffe in York, Gent.
                *my dear wife Hannah Barker
                *dwelling house in Bell Lane in Rawcliffe
*my brothers William Barker, Richard Barker and sister Elizabeth wife of William Collison of Kingston Upon Hull, master mariner
*my late sister Mary wife of Richard Hirst of Kingston Upon Hull, iron monger.  Mary has two sons.

BARKER, JOHN of KIRKBY OVER CARR, YORKSHIRE 1813, DEC Exchequer Admon vol.157, f. (FHL film 99774)
                [Carr in Ecclesfield  & Carr in Laughton en le Marthen]
                [This is an administration, and therefore not found on this microfilm of wills.]

BARKER, JOHN of THORPE SALVIN, YORKSHIRE 1732, FEB Prerogative Will vol.82, f.233 (FHL film 99702)
                *written 10 Sept 1731; proved 17 Feb 1732
*to friends Thomas Smith of Kiveton & John Machon of Morthing als Morthren & William Lesson of Thorp Salvin, executors
*rents of Bolsover
*loving wife Mary
*my sons Robert, John, Peter and Thomas, and my daughter Mary; they are not yet 21

BARKER, JOHN of SHEFFIELD, YORKSHIRE 1854, DEC Prerogative Will vol.234, f.308 (FHL film 99865)
                *written 16 May 1854; proved 9 Dec 1854
                *of Grimesthorpe in parish of Sheffield, farmer
                *wife Elizabeth
                *sons Thomas Pearson Barker and William Barker, executors
*my daughters Martha wife of Mr. Henry Mabson of Ecclesfield, Yorks., butcher and farmer, & Catherine wife of Mr. Thomas Colver of Sheffield, grocer, & Emily wife of Mr. Joseph Laxley, storekeeper near Springfield, Hamilton County, Ohio, & Elizabeth wife of Mr. Edward Colver of Grimestorpe, farmer
*my late daughter Ellen deceased wife of Mr. Richard Ward of Handsworth, butcher
*my grandchildren Mary Ellen Ward and Robert Ward
*another son John Robert Barker

BARKER, JOHN of YORKSHIRE 1750, APR Exchequer Will vol.94, f.20    (FHL film 99714)
[The index (GS film 99447) refers to John Barker the elder of Nawton in Kirkdale parish, and it included his son James Barker who is listed above.]
*written 23 Jan 1747; proved 25 Apr 1750
*John Barker the elder of Nawton in Kirkdale, York, yeoman
*property at Beadlam in parish of Hemsley Blakeymoor, York in occupation of Benjamin Dineley
*property called She?eborn Holm in occupation of Thomas Barker
*my son James Barker
*my son Nicholas Barker and Robert Barker
*my son John Barker

BARKER, JOHN of YORKSHIRE 1788, OCT Exchequer Tuition vol.132, f.   (FHL film 99749)
                [I searched all of October 1788 but there were no tuition records nor any Barkers.]

BARKER, JOHN of WORKSOP, NOTTINGHAMSHIRE 1797, SEP Exchequer Will vol.141, f.622 (FHL film 99758)
                *written 13 Sept 1789; proved 27 Sept 1797
                *my sister Mary Marsh, now wife of George Marsh the elder of Worksop, malster
                *to children of George Marsh the younger
                *to Mary Robinson, widow, eldest daughter of my sister Mary Marsh
*to Elizabeth Marsh, second daughter of my sister Mary Marsh, and she [Elizabeth] is now the wife of Robert Marsh of Wools Leigh near Rotherham
*to Richard Marsh, youngest son of Sister Mary Marsh
*George Marsh the younger late of Harthill in Yorks., eldest son of my sister Mary Marsh
*my nephews and nieces: John Marsh, Richard Marsh, Mary Robinson and Elizabeth Marsh.
*William Vessey of Gateforth in parish of Worksop, Gent., and Thomas Gillall the elder of Harthill, Yorks., Gent., executors

BARKER, JOHN of YORKSHIRE 1777, OCT Exchequer Tuition vol.121, f.    (FHL film 99738)
[There was no index at the beginning of this phone.  I didn’t look on this film since it seems to tuitions are not included.]

BARKER, JOHN of BLYTH, NOTTINGHAMSHIRE 1778, JUN Exchequer Will vol.122, f. 87 (FHL film 99739)
                *written 5 May 1771; proved June 1778
                *of Barnby Moor, Notts., Gent.
                *deed of indenture dated 10 June 1767
                *my cousin Anthony Barker of parish of Mattersey, Nottingham
                *then to Samuel Barker his eldest son
                *Jonathan Bingley of Bawtry, Yorks., and ________ merchant, & Robert Spence of Hodsock, Notts. Gent.
                *John Barker, second son of my cousin Anthony Barker
                *Thomas Barker, third son of my cousin Anthony Barker
                *my cousin James Barker late of Bawtry, Gent., but now in North America
                *my godson John Barker son of the said James Barker
                *to Thomas, another son of James Barker
                *daughters of my cousin James Barker
                *William Wright of Gilding, Notts.
                *Eleanor Kilnor his housekeeper and William Jubb by husbandman

BARKER, JONATHAN of WHITWELL, YORKSHIRE 1855, APR Exchequer Will vol.236, f.155 (FHL film 99867)
                *written 8 Dec 1854; proved 24 Apr 1855
                *of Whitewell in North Riding, Yorks.
                *my brother Robert Barker’s children.
                *my niece Martha Collingson, wife of William Collingson of Rillington
                *my nephew William Barker, son of my sister Hannah Barker
                *my nephew John Barker, son of my sister Hannah
                *to Hannah Hodgson, daughter of Leonard Hodgson of Whitewell
                *Elizabeth Clark and Anna Hodgson.
                *Robert Wilson and Leonard Hodson

BARKER, JOSEPH of SHEFFIELD, YORKSHIRE 1824, SEP Prerogative Admon vol.170, f. (FHL film 99790)
                [This is an administration (Admon.).]

BARKER, JOSEPH of SHEFFIELD, YORKSHIRE 1855, JUN Exchequer Will vol.236, f.557 (FHL film 99867)
                *written 21 July 1849; proved 6 June 1855
                *of Park Head in township of Ecclesall Bierlowe in parish of Sheffield, farmer and innkeeper
                *my son Samuel Barker
                *my daughter Sarah wife of William Allen
                *Mary wife of George Dalton
                *Lydia wife of Samuel Mountsey of Sheffield, innkeeper
                *my son Alexander Barker of Whinlowe
                *my daughter Ann wife of Thomas Brimey Loukes of High Storrs
                *my sons Joseph and William Barker
*I humbly request that Earl FitzWilliam accept my son Samuel Barker as tenant to lands under his Lordship in township of Ecclesall Bierlowe.

BARKER, JOSEPH of BRAMLEY, YORKSHIRE 1838, MAR Exchequer Will vol.197, f. (FHL film 99817)
[The reference in may be wrong here.  I need to check the original index.  I went name by name through March 1838 and don’t see it.]  [I checked the original index (FHL film 99451) which provides him with the “A. 100” reference, so I assume the “A” must mean this is actually an administration.]

BARKER, JOSEPH of HANDSWORTH, YORKSHIRE 1857, APR Prerogative Admon vol.244, f. (FHL film 99875)
                [This is an administration (Admon.)

BARKER, MARTHA of SHEFFIELD, YORKSHIRE 1804, OCT Exchequer Admon vol.148, f. (FHL film 99765)
[This is an administration (Admon.).

BARKER, MARY of SHEFFIELD, YORKSHIRE 1840, JUN Exchequer Admon vol.201, f. (FHL film 99821)
                [This is an administration (Admon.)

BARKER, MARY of SNAITH, YORKSHIRE 1843, JUL Prerogative Will vol. 208, f.58 (FHL film 99828)
                *written 10 Jan 1842; proved 5 July 1843
                *of Rawcliffe in Snaith, widow
                *my nephew George Cooke of Gowdall Broach in township of Gowdall in Snaith, farmer

BARKER, MARY of SNAITH, YORKSHIRE 1828, AUG Prerogative Admon vol.178, f. (FHL film 99798)
                [This is an administration (Admon.)

BARKER, RACHEL of HANDSWORTH WOODHOUSE, YORKSHIRE 1854, OCT Prerogative Will vol.234, f.118 (FHL film 99865)
                *written 18 June 1854; proved 16 Oct 1854
                *my daughter Mary Barker
                *my late husband William Barker
                *property in Carver Street in Sheffield
                *my son James Barker got his due in deed dated 24 Oct 1843
                                *deeds mention Edward Spence of Hull, Yorks., merchant and John Needham, agent.

BARKER, RICHARD of DONCASTER, YORKSHIRE 1799, MAR Exchequer Will vol.143, f.467 (FHL film 99760)
                *written 7 Nov 1796; proved March 1799
                *my dear wife Mary
                *my daughter Ann marrying William Hawke of Fardoles in parish of Braithwell, farmer
*mentions lands occupied by Thomas Marshall, James Witham, Samuel Wright, John Pollard, William Farren, and W. Alderman Whitaker.
*my daughter Mary Barker the younger
*my son Richard Barker (aka Dickey Barker)

BARKER, RICHARD of YORKSHIRE 1788, OCT Exchequer Tuition vol.132, f.      (FHL film 99749)
                [I’m not checking for it since tuitions are not included among wills that I can see on these microfilms.]

BARKER, RICHARD of WOODHOUSE, YORKSHIRE 1854, OCT Prerogative Admon vol.234, f. (FHL film 99865)
                [This is an administration (Admon.)]

BARKER, RICHARD of SHEFFIELD, YORKSHIRE 29 Jan 1696/7 Exchequer (Doncaster) Administration (FHL film 99640)
                [This is an administration.]

BARKER, ROBERT of SHEFFIELD, YORKSHIRE 1816, MAR Exchequer Will vol.160, f. (FHL film 99779)
[Not found.  I went name by name through March 1816.  It seems that the missing folio number usually indicates that I will not find it in the given month, but not always.  I need to check the original index.]  [I checked the original index (GS film 99449) and Robert is referred to as “A. 20” which I assume refers to an administration, not was will or testament.]

BARKER, ROBERT of DRAX, YORKSHIRE 1806, OCT Exchequer Admon vol.150, f. (FHL film 99767)
                [This is an administration.]

BARKER, ROBERT of SHEFFIELD, YORKSHIRE 1792, JUL Exchequer Will vol.136, f.185 (FHL film 99753)
                *written 2 Feb 1787; proved July 1792
                *On microfilm this will is very dark and hard to read.
                *snuff manufacturer
*my good friends Thomas Handley, farmer of Brightside in the parish of Sheffield & Thomas Taylor of Sheffield, merchant, & John Stacye of Sheffield, [can’t read his occupation]
*mentions Mrs. Dickenson of Sheffield
*There is a co-partnership between ____________ Dickenson and himself.
*oldest son Jonathan is not yet 21
*my dear wife Ann Barker
*other children Mary, Thomas, and Ann Barker

BARKER, ROBERT of SHEFFIELD, YORKSHIRE 1840, JUN Exchequer Admon vol.201, f. (FHL film 99821)
                [This is an administration.]

BARKER, SAM of BAWTRY, NOTTINGHAMSHIRE 1737, AUG Exchequer Will vol.85, f.139 (FHL film 99705)
                [There is a Bawtry in Tinsley, Yorks., and a Bawtry on edge of Notts. outside my area of research.]
                *written 19 Apr 1737; proved 18 Aug 1737
                *This will clearly says Samuel Barker of Bawtry, Yorkshire.
                *inn holder
*property occupied by John Roe, Elizabeth Pash, William Bayles, and it goes to Samuel Shadforth and William Brookes, both of Bawtry.
*wife is Hannah
*my five children: Sarah, Catherine, Samuel, Mary and Elizabeth
BARKER, SAMUEL of SHEFFIELD, YORKSHIRE 1810, JUN Exchequer Will vol.154, f.188 (FHL film 99771)
                *written 1 Sept 1809; proved June 1810
                *friends Robert Porightmore of Sheffield, merchant, and Isaac Hatfield of Sheffield, merchant’s clerk
                *my daughter Anne
                *my son Samuel Barker
                *my daughter Mary the wife of George Jones
                *my daughter Dorothy the wife of Joseph Eyre

BARKER, SAMUEL of SHEFFIELD, YORKSHIRE 1837, JUN Prerogative Admon vol.195, f. (FHL film 99815)
                [This is an administration.]

BARKER, SAMUEL of SHEFFIELD, YORKSHIRE 1842, MAY Prerogative Will vol.205, f.333 (FHL film 99825)
                *written 19 May 1841; proved May 1842
                *of Sing Hill, Sheffield, shoemaker
                *my affectionate wife Mary
*friends Robert Simpson of Market Street, Sheffield, currier, and James Pilkington of Shepherd Street, Sheffield, shoemaker

BARKER, SAMUEL of MEXBOROUGH, YORKSHIRE 1856, OCT Prerogative Will vol.242, f.11 (FHL film 99873)
                *writeen 8 Jan 1855; proved Oct 1856
                *This is a very lengthy and extensive will.
                *He is an earthenware manufacturer, an iron founder, and a railway wheel manufacturer.
                *wife is Jane Barker
                *son Henry Barker
*Samuel the testator and his son Henry carry on the earthenware manufacturing at Don Pottery near Mexborough.
*My son-in-law John Ducker Beckitt at Don Iron Works at Mexborough.  He is a partner with the testator.
*my son Samuel Barker the younger is not yet 23
*my son Peter Jesse Barker is not yet 21
*my son Edward Barker is not yet 21
*my daughter Jane Barker is not yet 21
*other daughters are Lucy Anna, Sarah and Maria
*my daughter Elizabeth Anne Beckitt

BARKER, SAMUEL of SHEFFIELD, YORKSHIRE 1781, MAY Exchequer Will vol.125, f.197 (FHL film 99742)
                *Samuel was a cutler
                *will written 14 Jan. 1774
                *wife is Esther [She Esther Barker’s 1784 probate will above.]
                *dwelling house at Healey in parish of Sheffield  [Could it be Hexley?]
                *closes of land in possession of John Wilson, Thomas Stores, and Mrs. Allott.

BARKER, SAMUEL RICHARD of ROTHERHAM, YORKSHIRE 1831, JUN Exchequer Admon vol.183, f.  (FHL film 99803)
                [This is an administration.]

BARKER, SAMUEL SCATCHERD of DARFIELD, YORKSHIRE 1832, JUN Exchequer Admon vol.185, f. (FHL film 99805)
                [This is an administration.]

BARKER, THOMAS of WORKSOP, NOTTINGHAMSHIRE 1764, JUN Exchequer Will vol.108, f.269 (FHL film 99726)
                *written 8 June 1758; proved 12 June 1764
                *Thomas is a fellmonger
                *my good friends Henson Kirkly and Richard Jackson, both of Workshop, Gents.
                *Thomas Barton of Elkesley
                *John Belk of Worksop
                *Origlinal Belk of Elkersley
                *Elizabeth Boardsall of Worksop, widow, and her son Thomas Boardsall
                *Thomas Clayton of Lanterton, Lincoln
                *Deborah Fitzakerley of Worksop
                *Mary Barton the daughter of the said Thomas Barton
                *William Marshall

BARKER, THOMAS of SNAITH, YORKSHIRE 1857, JAN Prerogative Will vol.243, f.20 (FHL film 99874)
                *written 2 June 1856; proved 7 Jan 1857
                *of Balne in parish of Snaith, farmer
                *my wife Rebecca Barker

BARKER, THOMAS of DONCASTER, YORKSHIRE 1834, JUN Prerogative Will vol.189, f.378 (FHL film 99809)
                *written 15 June 1833; proved 11 June 1834
                *Thomas is of Doncaster, Yorkshire, wine and spirit merchant
*good friends John Woodhead(sp?), William Hurst, architects, Richard Earnshaw, manufacturer, and Robert Maw, mercer and draper, all of Doncaster
*my daughter Mary Ann Barker (not yet 21)
*my son John Maw Barker (not 21)
*my son Richard barker (not 21)

BARKER, THOMAS of DRAX, YORKSHIRE 1832, DEC Prerogative Admon vol.186, f. (FHL film 99806)

BARKER, THOMAS of SHEFFIELD, YORKSHIRE 1827, JUL Prerogative Admon, Will vol.176, f.2 (FHL film 99796)
                *written 28 Jun 1824; proved 7 July 1827
                *Thomas (the testator) is referred to as Gunner Thomas Barker of the 5th Company 3rd Battalion, Bengal Artillery
                *my beloved cousin Harriet Fox
                *to Bombadiers D. Thomson and Gunner D. Davis
                *under oath of Bombadier George Goulton and William Baker and Gunner George Alexander

BARKER, THOMAS of DRAX, YORKSHIRE 1798, OCT Exchequer Admon vol.142, f. 
                [This is an administration.]

BARKER, THOMAS of DRAX, YORKSHIRE 1782, JUL Exchequer Will vol.126, f.285 (FHL film 99743)
                *written 11 Dec 1780; proved July 1732
                *of Longdrax in parish of Drax, York, yeoman
                *my loving wife Dorothy
                *my son Thomas Barker
                *my daughter Sarah Haxwell
                *my daughter Elizabeth Barker
                *my daughter Jane Bullock
                *my son Robert Barker

BARKER, THOS of DRAX, YORKSHIRE 1803, APR Prerogative Will vol.147, f.135 (FHL film 99764)
                *written 21 Dec 1801; proved 22 Apr 1803
                *He signs with a X
                *of Camblesforth in the parish of Drax, farmer
                *my friends Robert Leggitt of Doncaster, Yorkshire, Gent., and Thomas Tate of Snaith, miller
                *my daughter Mary and wife of William Nixon of Long Drax, farmer
                                *to John Nixon their son
                                *to Margaret and Elizabeth Nixon their daughters
*my granddaughters: Elizabeth, Hannah, Anne, Martha and Diana Barker, the children of my daughter-in-law Elizabeth and wife of George Simpson of Cambleforth, farmer
*to Thomas Ellison

BARKER, THOS of AUGHTON, YORKSHIRE 1747, JUL Exchequer Admon vol.91, f. (FHL film 99712)
                [This is an administration.]

BARKER, THOS of ROTHERHAM, YORKSHIRE 1802, OCT Exchequer Will vol.146, f.328 (FHL film 99763)
                [This is the father of my ancestor, Samuel Barker (1791-1832).]
                *written 10 Dec. 1801; proved Oct. 1802
                *He is a plumber and glazier
*He refers to his “undivided half part and share of in and to All that my Estate situate and being at Cowdale in the County of Derby . . . and which is now in the occupation of Thomas Wainwright his undertenants and assigns.”
*He gives this land in Cowdale, along with other unnamed property, to his wife Elizabeth forever.

BARKER, TIMOTHY of ROCLIFFE, YORK ST OLAVE, YORKSHIRE 29 Jul 1721 Exchequer (York) Will 75/363 (FHL film 99693/4)
                [This is Rawcliffe, St. Olave’s parish, just outside the city of York.]
                *written 20 May 1721; proved 29 July 1721
                *my sister Ann Mason and to her daughter Mary Scott, and to the eldest son of the said Mary Scott
*to my cousin Mary late the wife of George Jaques, deceased, but since remarried “to someone’s name I know not.”
*to George Godson of York and his wife
*to Eliz. Cleveland, spinster
*to John Plowman of Skelton
*to Ann Cleveland and Alice Cleveland

BARKER, WILLIAM of DALTON, YORKSHIRE 13 Feb 1705/6 Exchequer (Bulmer) Administration (FHL film 99680)
                [There are many Daltons in Yorkshire.  There is one near Rotherham.  This is an administration.]

BARKER, WILLIAM of SNAITH, YORKSHIRE 1840, JUN Prerogative Will vol.201, f.410 (FHL film 99821)
                *written 3 July 1839; proved June 1840
                *This is a very long will.
                *He is of Rawcliffe in the parish of Snaith, Gent.
*my friend John Ellerker of Seulcoates, Yorkshire, Esq., and my own nephew William Hirst of Boroughbridge, Gent. & my dear wife’s nephew George Cooke of Pollington in Snaith, farmer, as joint executors
                *my dear wife Mary
                *my servant Elizabeth Lawrence
                *my late brother John Barker
*my 12 nephews and nieces: Godfrey Hirst, William Collinson, Betsy Nicholson, Hannah Southgate, Richard Barker, William Barker, Ann Barker, Mary Ellerker, Harriet Barker, Emma Tarbotton, Jemima Barker and Elizabeth Barker.
*the widow of my late nephew John Collinson
*my brother Richard Barker
*Codicil dated 3 July 1839
                *my niece Mary the wife of Mr. Francis Iveson of Beverley, Yorkshire, solicitor

BARKER, WILLIAM of AUGHTON, YORKSHIRE 1768, MAR Exchequer Will vol.112, f. (FHL film 99730)
[The index (GS film 99447) refers to William Barker of East Cottingwithe in Aughton parish and it looks like it could be an administration.  It looks like “A. ud 4?”.  I did not find the will.]

BARKER, WILLIAM of BLYTH, NOTTINGHAMSHIRE 1818, FEB Prerogative Will vol.162, f.212 (FHL film 99781)
                *written 20 Feb 1817; proved 12 Feb 1818
                *my niece Ann the wife of William Bewlay of Thorne, Yorkshire
                *my niece Mary Raynor, widow of Hull
                *my dear wife Dorothy Barker
                *my sister Elizabeth Gregory
                *my friend Thomas Nettleship of Bawtry

BARKER, WILLIAM of SNAITH, YORKSHIRE 1802, DEC Prerogative Will vol.146, f.370 (FHL film 99763)
                *written 29 May 1791; proved Dec 1802
                *late of Rawcliffe Bridge, but now of Rawcliffe in the parish of Snaith, yeoman
                *my dear wife Elizabeth Barker
                *dwelling house at Rawcliffe
*my sons William Barker of Rawcliffe Bridge, yeoman & Richard Barker of Town of Kingston Upon Hull, leather cutter
*my son-in-law William Collinson of town of Kingston Upon Hull, ship owner
*my daughter Elizabeth the wife of William Collinson
*my son John Barker
*my late daughter Mary Hirst who has two children

BARKER, WILLIAM of SHEFFIELD, YORKSHIRE 1835, OCT Exchequer Will vol.192, f.266 (FHL film 99812)
                *signed 17 July 1834; proved Oct 1835
                *my wife [unnamed at first, but mentioned later by name]
                *my children [unnamed], not yet 21
                *a plot of land he bought of Robert Rogers at Carver Street.
                *houses left to “us” by William Hotham
*approves his son James Barker and his cousin Thomas Barker of Helmsley and my son William Barker and my wife Rachel Barker as executors

BARKER, WILLM of MIDDLETON HARTHILL, YORKSHIRE 1750, MAR Exchequer Will vol.93, f.242 (FHL film 99713)
                *written 8 Feb 1749 (23 Geo. II); proved 12 March 1749
                *William Barker of Middleton Harthill, yeoman
                *my sister Elizabeth the wife of Cary(sp?) Gill of Welton, Yorkshire
*property occupied by himself, Robert Jefferson, Stephen Jefferson, Henry Bowser(sp?), William Breighton, and Thomas Grainger
*residue of estate to son of my sister Elizabeth Gill


  1. Thomas Bingham and Sarah Barker were my great great grandparents were Emma Eliza Barker and Thomas Bingham, the name Thomas being passed down from father to eldest son, Emma born 1876 died 1915

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